Heya, so these are just some projects I'm currently (...currently being used very loosely LMAO) working on! My motivation to work on these flucuates a Ton so when (/if) they'll be finished is unknown!

Click a project's name to see more details about it! You can check out some development logs here!

🌟 Star Studded Letter

Star Studded Letter is a very VERY small visual novel I've been working on and off for... longer than I care to admit. It started out as part of the First Game Jam on but IIII was too ambitious and didn't finish in time so now it's kind of in limbo right now! Also is kind of getting a artstyle facelift so it might look. Out of Sorts.

The Plot: An apprentice wizard and his best friend get left alone at home, naturally, magical hijinks and mischief ensue.

A Vaguely Humanoid Starry Boy Sitting At A Desk Writing A Letter, There Is Text That Says 'Dear Eturna, my name is Tarsell Ghilt--'

🔦 Your Dog is in the Woods

Your Dog is in the Woods is a 2nd person pov horror text adventure game I also made for the First Game Jam on! I've also been working on this for a hot sec and as such it is also currently in limbo but I'm chipping away at it very slowly! (writing is hard.)

Your dog escapes your yard in the dead of night, now you must brave the pitch black woods to find her... before something else does.

There is both light and dark green text on a black background. The light green text reads 'It's 3 A.M. Your dog was whimpering, begging to be let out, and you, unable in good conscience to ignore your sweet dog's pleas, did just that. Now all you can see in your yard is emptiness, and a hole in your fence. What do you do?' Below this text is the dark green text, listing 3 choices. The first one reads 'Charge in! There are dangerous predators in those woods-- who knows what could happen to her out there?' the second one reads 'Grab some supplies, then run after her! Running blind in the forest isn't going to help much is it?' and the 3rd one reads 'Go back to sleep and search in the morning. You feel awful doing this, but running around the woods when it's dark and your sleep deprived isn't a good There is both light and dark green text on a black background. The light green text reads 'You barrel down the right path! The path is uneven and very course. Something you know all too well, because you can feel each and every single bump in the pathetic-excuse-for-footwear-slippers you didn't bother to change out of. You always do this to yourself. Unadvisable footwear aside, you think you can hear Apple coming from just over here--' the dark green text then reads '...Well, that hurt.' There is both light and dark green text on a black background. The light green text reads 'Ah yes, your trusty companion. You found it under a broken floorboard while fixing up your place last year. The poor thing was rusted to hell back when you found it, but with some persistence (see : stubborness) you actually managed to clean it up half decent. Though thinking back on it you can't help but wonder why it was under a floorboard anyways. It was really shoved under there to so you doubt it just fell or something, but who would want to put a knife-- ...You decide you don't want to think about it and set yourself in gear you go into the woods. After walking a while you find yourself at a crossroads. Which way do you go?' the dark green text then shows 2 choices. The first one reads 'The right path!' and the second reads 'The left path!

🦄 Mending Day Dates

Mending Day Dates is a small faux dating sim I made for the Mending Day event on Nephfei!

You play as a Spinx going to the park just to sneak a peak at the decorations, but fate has other plans....

You can download it and play here!

Two centaurs sit at both sides of the screen, a Crab centaur with a smug expression on the left, and a disgruntled Unicorn centaur on the right, in front of a park background. There is a dark text box asking the player to imput a name. The Crab centaur, named Giphed, stands in the middle of the screen with a smug look on their face. They are standing in front of a tent with tables covered with banners and painting supplies. At the bottom of the screen there is a dark text box with Giphed saying 'I'd rather not stand cheek to cheek with a lightning rod.' The Unicorn centaur, named Khurshe, stands at the middle of the screen, with a neutral look on their face. They are in front of a stall with many different flora strewn about. There is a dark text box at the bottom with them saying '...Unless they have crab legs, yes.'

🎃 Trick Or Trick

Trick Or Trick is a very small point and click game I made for the Trick Or Trick event on Nephfei!

You play as Capri, a centicorn who is pretty done w/ all of these shenanigans and just wants to find whatever surprise his partner left for him and get out. Along the way he encounters some odd occurances however....

Characters featured belong to their respective owners! Carrie Porter Lottie Capri and Bottle belong to me!


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