A small warning! I like to draw art that may delve into body horror, gore, and/or horror in general, so be wary looking through this page!


There is a anthromorphic sheep character in the center, behind them they are surrounded by less detailed out of focus anthro sheep and goats, all of which with bright red blood stains in the center of their chests. There is an abstract symbol emphasised by red glowing at the top of the image on a white background. The name 'Luci' hovers behind the center character. A two panel illustration with pure black borders. The top panel depict a short haired human, staring up at the moon. It is glowing an ominous green and surrounded by streaks of light the same color. The second panel is a close up shot of the human's eye. It is wide open in awe and reflecting the green moon where the pupil should be, with hair coming down covering some of the face. A sphinxyn character in a religious garment in the center of a black background in a floating like pose, there is a green glow behind his head and a halo like shape on both sides. He has a malicious smile and a sharp shadow covering his face, emphasisng glowing pupils.

Character depicted on the right belongs to Andrew

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